The Virgin Diaries – Stud of Gerard

The Virgin Diaries

Introducing The Stud of Gerard

By Douglas J Cook

When Keith Connors arrives on campus the night of the big pep rally, he is a man on a mission.  Since Tanya Carson arrived at Gerard High in Phoenix Arizona from California, Keith has been dying to hook up with her.  He searches her out finding the love of his life buried in the middle of the Nicole Johnson clique where his fair princess resides under protective custody.  Keith plunges bravely into Queen Nicole’s inner sanctum and mindlessly flirts and pursues the object of his passions.  This turns out to be a fatal move as her royal highness actually had just declared this gallant knight to be hers and hands off.   Scorned by Keith’s blatant display of affection for her best friend (and in the presence of the royal court at that), trouble is brewing in Phoenix town.


Keith is known as the “Stud of Gerard High” due to his claim that his first time was with Kathy Redding, the hottest chick from the neighborhood and the subject of every boy’s fantasies.  Unfortunately for Keith it is a false claim.  He navigates the social jungle of high school carrying in his heart the fact that Kathy had offered herself to him; but it was offered to him at a time when he was totally clueless about sex and therefore his opportunity had passed him by.  When Avery Kochanowski, his closest friend, taunts him about being a virgin; he answers with that little white lie.  The lie takes on a life of its own making Keith a celebrity around campus.  Now he is stuck with living a lie and doesn’t dare set the record straight; all the while the voice echoes in his head, if he hadn’t been such a child it could have been the truth.


Keith’s other close friend is Neil Drammen.  Neil has a sister who is three years older than Keith (and by the way) is a drop dead gorgeous redhead; Erica.  The Connors family and Drammen family during a Memorial Day weekend the year before, spent it in the Arizona White Mountains camping at a critical period for both Keith and Erica.   She was nursing a broken heart after her boyfriend ran off with her best friend just before her high school prom and while Keith was sweating bullets over his first love, Kathy Redding.  On a giant boulder overlooking the Mogollon rim in northern Arizona, the two pour out their souls to each other.  Erica takes Keith under wing and from then on tries to coach him through the awkward years and sexual politics.


The storm gathers and intensifies.  Nicole first sics her big brother Greg and his friends on Keith.  [When it comes to his own gender, Keith is a force to recon with]  He proves to be too much of a dynamo for his male antagonists.  Nicole then turns to Keith’s biggest weakness to inflict her revenge; Tanya.  [When it comes to the opposite sex, Keith is in over his head]  The final battle is set at the Spring Prom.  Revenge is sweet.  Nicole totally destroys Keith in a staged putdown during school by tricking him into asking Tanya to the Prom in front of everyone.  A fist in the face would have hurt less than Tanya’s answer.


As Keith sits home prom night, the Stud of Gerard is left all alone in the world.  Erica takes that unused prom dress from her closet and comes to his rescue; game on.  Keith arrives at the prom with his redheaded bombshell clinging to him like he was the sexiest man alive, and the student body goes nuts.  That night the Stud of Gerard becomes legend.


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