Heaven Is Still Waiting


By Douglas J Cook

HEAVEN IS STILL WAITING plays off the comedy classic HEAVEN CAN WAIT in which a good intentioned angel decides to pluck the soul out of a saintly priest seconds before a doomed airliner crashes inorder to save him the trauma and pain of the impact. WHAT IF the angel has mistakenly taken the wrong soul to heaven? How is he to know that good Padre Cortaro has switched seats with long time low-life and destine for hell, Jack Farley?

The angel’s mistake compounds itself by allowing the condemned soul of Jack Farley to see the Gates of Heaven; an absolute no-no. To make matters worse, Jack would have survived the crash if the angel had not intervened; so Saint Peter is compelled to return Jack to his original body.  The plan is jeopardized by the appearance of the mob boss at the crash site to recover his money.  Jack pleads his case that to be reincarnated at this moment would be unfair and reminds Peter that he is in the book of the damned. Saint Peter reluctantly places Farley into Father Cortaro’s body to live out the rest of his natural life as a religious clergy.

Now instead of heading for Rio de Janeiro with the stolen mob money to enjoy a life of debauchery, he is headed for a poor orphanage high in the Sierra Madres. Slowly the criminal’s heart of stone softens and then turns to jelly over love for the children. Also in the mix is a beautiful and dedicated nun named, Sister Maria Geretti. The question is, will this sleaze-ball in sheep’s priest’s clothing give into temptation and pursue her or will his fear of hell keep him on the straight and narrow?

Jack gradually grows into his new role in life when trouble arrives in the small mountain village.  Banditos, who had passed through there several years before ravaging the area and leaving death and destruction in their wake, are back.  With some supernatural help from Peter and Jack’s guardian angel, he mounts a defense that drives the banditos away with let’s say; the fear of God in them.

Let’s ratchet up the drama by throwing in a deadly winter blizzard in the high Sierras where Jack will have to put his own life on the line to save the children. Jack then finds himself standing before the podium of Saint Peter once again, but this time he will have to face the music for his deeds. Hopefully, his change of heart and final acts will compensate for a former retched life.

The two major themes of this story are: Everything in creation happens for a reason, and God usually chooses the least likely person to carry out His most important missions.  I invite you to read my Romantic Comedy which is an adaptation from my favorite comedy of all times, HEAVEN CAN WAIT.

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