Divided Loyalties

 Divided Loyalties 

by Douglas J Cook

Steve’s Navy SEAL team was wiped out attempting a daring mission to take down Columbian drug cartel kingpin, Pablo Escobar. The team had been lured into a trap by a trusted informant; because he miss judged that person, men who trusted him were killed. Now to escape his pain and loss of trust in humanity, he buys a piece of desert property along the Arizona/Mexico border far from the maddening crowd. All he wants is to be left alone. Unfortunately he has chosen a piece of land that is ground zero for a turf war between two powerful Drug Cartels.

Francisco is the county sheriff and quickly befriends the Ex-Navy SEAL. Before becoming law enforcement, he had been military police in the Iraq War where he had been captured by terrorists. Moments before he was to be beheaded, a Navy SEAL team stormed the building saving Francisco’s life. Francisco, however, has deep family roots in Mexico where his prominent politician father is a long living politician due to some special protection from some special friends.

When Victor was a boy, his father was killed by a powerful local cartel kingpin. This same kingpin years later observers Victor’s leadership skills and great potential, as the teenager leads street gangs in the streets of Ciudad Juarez. The kingpin takes in the rough and tumble teenager and raises him as his own. When the young man comes of age, his stepfather arranges for Victor to join the Mexican Special Forces and is sent to “College of the America’s” where he learns to be one of the most lethal combatants in the world. Upon graduation, Victor defects to a higher paying drug gang, and where his first assignment is to go to the Arizona/Mexico border to assassinate someone the gang wants dead.

At his arrival, Victor befriends Steve. Now a final battle for the treasured smuggling route through Steve’s property commences. The three friends will have to decide where their loyalties lie. Will it be Family?  Will it be Country?  Or will it be Friendship?


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(c) 2012 by Douglas J Cook.  All rights reserved

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