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Featured Scripts

 slide_kingofscythia King of Scythia
Alexander the Great so respected their fierce fighting ability that he invaded Persia by going around them.
 slide_anavyfamily  A Navy Family
For admittance; duty and honor required.
 Web  Heaven Is Still Waiting
When heaven makes a mistake, it’s on purpose.
 slide_dividedloyalties  Divided Loyalties
Service to God, Country, Family.   –  US Navy SEALs
Service to Family, Family, Family.  –  Mexican Cartels
   Virgin Diaries – Introducing the Stud of Gerard
When it came to his own gender, Keith Connors was a force to recon with; but with the opposite sex, he was in over his head. Keith accidentally makes enemies of the most manipulative girl on campus and finds himself in a contest of wits that puts him at odds with the whole school.
slide_looking4cochise Looking For Cochise
Asperger’s Syndrome child, Stephen Carter, couldn’t explain to his parents who or what he encountered in the Dragoon Mountains near Cochise’s Hideout on the family vacation, but something supernatural seemed to be watching over him from that time on.


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